Often referred to as ‘Translation’, the only difference between the two is the one between spoken and written language.

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Often considered an umbrella term for a wide array of specializations and techniques, some requiring a keen eye-for-detail while others a more dynamic or even creative approach. And yet there is something all kinds of translation have in common irrespective of how technical they might look and that is the written text.

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Usually referred to as the process of making a product local for a specific audience based on aspects such as culture, history and language, localization entails a great deal of translation and adaptation.

Different approaches exist, one of them being transcreation. Unlike other translation techniques, transcreation requires not only a deep knowledge of both languages but also a certain degree of creativity as what is expected is not the plain rendition of a source text but rather one adopting a catchy tone, rich in puns and more often than not calling its audience to some sort of action.

This can be hard work but also great fun as it often means playing with words and language, trying different solutions until you find one fitting your purpose.

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You might sometimes be asked to submit a so-called ‘official’ translation of one or more documents, where ‘official’ often entails a different procedure depending on your jurisdiction.

Italy usually refers to a translation as ‘official’ whenever the translation is sworn in front of a Court Registrar or Notary Public – usually granting a faster response.

We at Meridiana process our sworn translation requests with the Courts of Venice and Padua, usually ensuring a reasonably fast turnaround.

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Public offices in some countries – i.e. UK – will never request a sworn translation and will be more than happy with a ‘self-certified translation’. This is a valid and time-saving alternative that allows translations to be considered ‘official’ without too much bureaucratic hassle.

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Machine translation is the process of using artificial intelligence (AI) and specifically designed software to translate written text. For as good as technology might be or become in the future, it is still far from being as accurate as so-called manual translation and that is why some degree of human action in the form of post-editing is required even in highly-automated projects.

If on the one hand technology makes MTPE cheaper, on the other hand MTPE does have its challenges. This is why we reserve to assess the best language solution based on your needs having in mind the overall satisfaction of our clients.

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Screen and media translation make up a huge and fascinating branch of the language industry. This is certainly crucial for TV, on-demand platforms and social networks, whose main goal is to reach an increasingly globalised and international audience.

Subtitling, dubbing and voice-over are the main techniques used to make digital and video content accessible across linguistic communities and language barriers.

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We give voice to your projects and media content by finding the right tone based on your needs.

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